YBAMA - Youth Broadcast and Media Association

YBAMA was first framed in 1998. It is a multi region (Sac Sierra, Central Valley and LA), pre-professional, digital media industry-wide membership guild, for youth 13 – 20. During 2017 we plan to merge and expand this strategic effort with the Center for Multicultural Cooperation for youth join to seek access to the best knowledge, friendships and experiences in the media field and forge an annual calendar for their creative projects, build peer “studio” relationships and develop pathways to advanced school and career success.

Members establish a rigorous personal interest profile upon which their projects and activities are based.

Planned access exists to

  • Industry wide, direct and on-line, professional mentoring
  • ybama.org website
  • Theatron training workshops
  • Talentearth.com portfolio and resumes
  • Creative media partnership productions
  • Producing and exhibiting works in the Tower of Youth annual movie festivals that amplify youth values, interests, community service projects, and *cross economy workforce exchanges.

The members meet to plan regularly, establish studio clubs in their schools, dialogue with PTA and PTOs, and seek regional corporate collaborations.

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