We need to know about the large number of radio, television, film and journalism businesses in the region to see what the commercial community is doing and how we as youth fit. With the cooperation of the media industry, organized tours can be set up that will train youth in what to look for when they visit a commercial place and provide a chance to talk about what was seen afterwards. Furthermore, there are wonderful professionals only too glad to offer their time and interest to young people who, like each of the adults, is struggling to find his or her way forward into communication arts fields. A panel of the most committed professionals will be organized willing to spend 4 or more hours a month with a teenager to help them find a future and meaningful interest in the communication/media field. These mentor relationships are the magic reinforcer that can make a young person's dream come into focus and become a reality. Elegant digital personal portfolios and resumes will become a TOY signature for career and job applications.

CONTACT: Leanna Haddad at Placer High - 823-1166 / Lorna Warrington at Patelco Credit Union - 686-8750

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