Big Day of Giving 2017

Invest in 21st Century transformation and youth’s profound media impact.

Media Arts is revolutionizing all of society. Youth are the new landlords to create, influence and inspire our world with their passionate digital image engagement. This May 4, 2017, please support Tower of Youth and the Center for Multicultural Cooperation partner as their Sacramento Sierra strategic guidestar and organizers.

  • New education, new careers, new AV studio relations, new industry partnerships, new success, new power!
  • Youth media tackles the most controversial, important, loving subjects – the ethical and moral challenges and concerns – adults hide.
  • High School and youth community organizations produce media that dwarfs commercial movies in value and sincerity. No product placement, no commercialism, no gratuitous violence, sexuality, or substance abuse…just the heartful truths.
  • Everything is in radical transformation and youth media arts is the headlamp for society. Elevate and embrace it!

Youth are the Solution!

Our Four Strategic Objectives…

  1. We will sharply expand and build powerful and authentic youth leadership through our Youth Broadcast and Media Association (YBAMA), our pre-professional, media industry wide, guild organization, and, our year around, model, Theatron Training series, that are complementary and fundamental tools for 21st Century workforce and career success to progressively influence our society. CMC brings its Youth Empowerment Studios (YES), a workforce development initiative squarely into our program to provide added events for youth training and employment in technological literacy, video production, graphic design, web design, and social media.
  2. We must press for public policy to establish K12 Digital Media Arts Standards (AB 37 O’Donnell), in law, for California in 2017  and then in 2018, plan to pursue establishing a mandatory Digital Individual Education/Learning Plan (DIEP), for every child, that will annually install all content learning curriculum into each child’s mobile devices. This precedent already exists among children with Developmental Disabilities since 1975, and, is a must among all home schooled students whose numbers are becoming huge. To this end, partnerships with the most innovative digital manufacturing industries to this end must be forged. Schools must transform into 21st Century centers for project based/ applied learning, creativity, civic engagement, workforce mastery and excellence.
  3. A Digital Media Arts Conclave, a strategic youth and field stakeholder, 5-year action and policy planning conference will be organized in the November of 2017, to establish the most ambitious plan, buy in and breakthrough change agentry – GPS needed! Youth, educators, industry, lawmakers and advocates will revisit our major successes in the passing the Digital Arts Studio Partnership and Workforce Development Act (2002, 2007 & 2008) and, our California Creates organizing blueprint to guide implementing K12 Media Arts Curriculum Standards embodied in AB 37 (O’Donnell) that we are working to pass this year. We have started a Digital Media Arts Circle among other key stakeholder partners to plan and organize together in our region!
  4. We must catalogue, package and find the best institutional home for the 1200 finest youth movies Tower of Youth has awarded, screened and archived since 1997, the 20-year National Archive Treasure, from our biannual TOY Teen Digital Reel Showcase and North American All Youth Film and Education Day, events. These demonstrate the compelling, self revelatory, controversial, and timeless issues, messages and values in short movies, produced by our Sacramento Sierra and North American youth (13 – 20 y/o) who were the very first students to take digital media arts in high school in the 21st Century! This unique asset must be formatted and gifted for the most inspiring, interactive, museum and searchable internet use.