California Digital Arts Studio Partnership

The California Digital Arts Studio Partnership is a uniquely 21st century invention. CalDASP works and lives at the intersection of communication and education, at the crossroad of digital media arts industry and government services. We are the “intermediary” that connects the business of our economic engine to the people of the state. DASP has an ambitious and transforming agenda; to engage our youth through digital media so they will be prepared to work in California in the digital visual industries, will improve their academic and career educational outcomes, and will become active participants in the democratic institutions of our communities.

Along the way DASP will lead the combined forces of our youth, their parents, industry leaders and educators who together will modernize schools, harmonize the social milieu students inhabit with the worlds of work and school, and provide valuable services to nonprofit organizations that serve citizens in a myriad of ways. These are the goals of DASP and the “results” of our work.

February 6, 2018 in Sacramento

Help set the angle and California’s priority steps
forward with stakeholder legislators, youth, industry, education and visionary system leaders.

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Support Tower of Youth during Big Day of Giving 2018

Invest in our 21st Century transformation and youth’s profound media impact.

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