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Teen Studio Power is the root of movie making success, quality, impact, and growth. New youth media artists start creating alone and feel the thrill of self-discovery and control. Parents are amazed and often lean in to buy tools, drive, fund and network for their talented kids. But it gets clear that beautiful work is plain hard and smart movie making really complicated that demand deep mastery of many key arts -- music, sound, light, makeup and costume, digital special effects and exquisite movie construction -- just for starters. Real artistic skill and mastery comes slowly, with very dedicated work, and is guided by gut bonding between many specialists. Movie making art is a 'social' (collaborative) creation no matter how talented the individual producer, director, writer, cinematographer, technician or actor. Now, while young artists are in school, a natural pool of passion, skills and mutual access are a treasure trove waiting to be assembled. However, organizing 24/7 "studio" relationships while in a demanding and not always friendly institutional environment takes real courage, obsession, talent, persuasive diplomacy and wisdom. But this is where it starts -- Professional development activities that grow skills and friendship networks; -- Communication power using social media, the internet and the relentless search for old and new knowledge; -- Multiple program and project experiments to produce and energize important products and partnerships, and finally, -- A serious focus and investment in building organized membership -- recruiting, tracking and supporting co workers and co creators. Youth can't wait for educators to provide these empowering engagements. YOUTH ARE THE SOLUTION and must take the lead at home, community and school, to forge the world they want to grow into, share and love. TEEN STUDIO POWER is the vision and the GPS for all youth to embrace…starting now!

----- William Bronston, MD CEO